If you are buying at least 5 days in advance, we have tickets for you!. We do not have Alcatraz tickets within 5 days of tour departure --Please book early.

For advanced bookers, purchase tickets for your City Shuttle Tour plus *same day* Morning Alcatraz online. We use a ticketless reservation system, so we will not mail you anything via regular mail. After booking we will email you your Alcatraz vouchers so you can get your official Alcatraz tickets the day of.

Without the vouchers, you will not be allowed entrance to Alcatraz so make sure you have received the secondary email with the voucher. If you have not received this voucher in 48 hours after your booking, please contact us.

This tour starts with the Alcatraz portion of the tour at Pier 33 (Alcatraz Landing). We will get you either the 9:10am or 9:30am sailings. Our guide will pick you up at Pier 39 AFTER you are done with the Alcatraz portion of the tour

Critical Notes:
1) National Parks Service require all Passenger Names for Alcatraz Tickets. Alcatraz Tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE - Once booked No refunds, exchanges or transfers are allowed (Parks Service Rule).
2) Child tickets are the same price for this Alcatraz combo tour because given the high demand we need to pre-buy Alcatraz tickets months in advance.

4) All Passengers 18 and older must bring valid ID to get on the Alcatraz ferry

1. Choose Tour Date

2. Departure Time

2a. Select meeting point

3. Select Tickets

Seniors (65+)
Children (<12)
Please select date and time.

4. All Passenger Names Required

The National Parks Service requires us to get all passenger names.

Having trouble? Call Toll Free: 1-866-991-8687

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